How to survive a long flight

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If you mention that you’re jetting off to some far-off land like the USA or Abu Dhabi, usually the first thing that comes out of people’s mouths is “that flight hours must be unbearable.” Due to the reason that people hate being fastened in a plane for a longer time than expected.

Although most people think that all seats in the plane are terrible, you’d be surprised to learn that your seat arrangement can make or break your flight.

2. Eating & drinking

People usually get bored on long flights and due to which they overeat. Try to control the snacking by packaging some small protein-rich snacks that will keep you full but stop you from overeating and feeling gross for the entire flight. It’s also essential to stay hydrated during flights therefore, don’t forget to drink water as much as you can. Ask for extra water when the air hostess makes her rounds or pack extra before you leave.

3. Entertainment

The chances that you won’t be able to sleep for most of your flight are also bright, regardless of how tired you are so definitely stock up on multiple entertainment options. Download the content you want to watch on your mobile, and it could be your favourite movies or TV serials. You should also consider packing a magazine or an actual paper book in case your iPad/laptop dies en route.

4. Stay Comfortable

This one is the most impossible since who can be comfortable on a long flight, but there are things that you can bring that will increase your comfort level on long haul flights. Pack things you’d want if you were consuming your day on your couch. 

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