Kinds of Parking Garages

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As time flies, things vary and today when the technology is on its peak, prices have also grown beyond the line of affordability. In order to cope with this excess of costs, parking industries are now offering different types of car parking. UK cities now comprise single, multi-level, automated and underground garages or car parks to meet the rising needs of all citizens.

Here, I am going to give you guys a brief introduction of all types of parking garages so you can easily go with the one that best compliments you.

Airport Parking
Airport Parking

Single-Level Parking Garage

As the name suggests, a single level garage is a one-floor garage.

Multi-Level Parking Garage

An indoor garage with multiple floors is known as a multi-level garage. To move the vehicles between multiple levels, ramps, lifts, and robotic systems are used. Multilevel garages or car parks have numerous plus points over single-level garages. They reduce operational and maintenance costs and are renowned for the best utilization of given space.

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Underground Parking Garage

Manchester Airport Parking

Parking garages with none of the level over the ground or whose all levels are below the ground are called underground garages. Most underground garages are located in the city centers. It is because of less space available to build a car park above the surface.

Automated Parking Garage

The advance level automated parking garage use hydraulic or mechanical lifts to move the cars vertically or horizontally between available space. These car parks, being space efficient, are very advantageous. The cars are parked by robots which make parking of more cars possible in a smaller space.

Although these latest types of parking garages are making parking costly, they are also making it efficient in regards to both time and space. They use adaptive lighting, sensors, Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) and other technologies for making the hectic job of car parking easier for the drivers.

Airport Parking

About Airport Parking Essentials

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Meet and Greet parking is the most comfortable offer that requires you just get to the airport and inform us; the rest of the work is ours!

On-Airport parking states that park your car in a car park near the terminal and then simply walk to the terminal.

Park and Ride is the cheapest offer that lets you park the car and use a shuttle bus to reach the terminal.

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