What can you do while the plane is late at Gatwick airport

Gatwick airport is serving more than 275,000 every year, which makes it the second busiest airport in the UK. The busy the airport, the more chances of delay flights. Infect Gatwick is nominated as the least punctual airport in the UK. Waiting for flights is a very hectic experience because airports are not the best places to be.

These delays can change your trip into your worst nightmare, but no worries we will guide you about to do things in this situation.  In this blog, we will help you and tell you some tricks to survive in this boring stay at the airport. And we are trying to change it into a delightful experience.

Definitely, these options will help you out.

The Internet

Gatwick airport

Almost every traveller carries a laptop. The advantage of carrying your laptop is definite. You can enjoy your favourite TV series or movies at this time.

 When your flight is delayed and wants to pass your time, and then on your laptop, connect it to free WIFI available on the airport. The free WIFI is for 90 minutes only, after the defined time it will charge you. If you are waiting for a long time at the airport, then 3G/4G is an excellent option after exceeding your 90 minutes.

Internet is always a great option in such a situation, and you can go through your social media handles and share some pictures with your friends.

Tea and Coffee

Gatwick airport

Tea and coffee is a must-have item while you are waiting for your flight. It will give caffeine to make you active.

Coffee and Tea is always the best option in any hectic or time-consuming activity. It helps you to give some energy in sleepy and tired scenarios.

You can find 24/7 open coffee shops like costa coffee, Cafe Nero and Jamie’s lounge. The other coffee shops open as early as 4:00 AM.


Gatwick airport

You can relax in most comfortable lounges at the airport when you are waiting for your flight. On Gatwick Airport, some lounges give free access to all the travellers. Sitting down in a quieter and peaceful environment makes it easier to wait.  

Even some of the lounges have showers to freshen up. You can also book your lounge passes through the online system of the airport. 

Step Out and Explore

We all are aware of waiting for a delayed flight is very annoying and hectic. But you can change the whole thing into the best experience. Start exploring the surroundings of Gatwick Airport by Stepping out of the airport.  For exploring you should have 6 hours or more to see every beautiful thing in the beautiful and classic city of London.

When you are out on the streets, you can enjoy tasty local food, London based fashion and Makeup brands many more. You can also visit the world-famous London eye, and enjoy the ride while having a 360- degree view of the city.

If you have less time and still want to enjoy your stay at the airport, then you can visit the Gatwick Aviation Museum near the airport.

Delayed flights, it sounds horrible, but we can make it beautiful experience by managing our time of stay at the airport, and start looking at entertaining things to pas your unplanned stay on the airport.

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