What to do If My Airline Goes Bust?

Airline Goes Bust

Airline bust or failure is genuinely an awkward state that can not only ruin your holiday but can also cause you a significant loss of money. On the off chance that your airline goes bust, for not being out of pocket, there are certain things to must assure. 

Airport Parking Essentials aims at making your holiday travel flawless and happy. So, read on now to see what to do in consequence of such a situation.


Contact Your Travel Agent

If you come to know that your airline has gone bust, then your first and foremost duty is to contact your travel agent. It will let you identify if your booking is still in place or not.

In case it is in place, it is good enough to go! Although you might have to change your flight time, your holiday travel will be as it was before.

In the else case, your flight is not in place, check your documents to confirm if your trip is under ATOL protection or not.


See if Your Flight is ATOL Protected?

“Peace of mind for holidaymakers;” ATOL protection is a scheme that stops people from losing money and from being beached in abroad. Even though, all UK based flights are required to hold ATOL license by law, not every travel arrangement is ATOL protected! So, check if you have received an ATOL certificate.

 If your flight is ATOL protected, meaning that you have booked with a licensed travel agent, there is no need to worry then, because you are safe in all regards.


Contact Your Travel Insurer

 If you take travel insurance, which we highly recommend because, in return for any mishap, it covers your loss, you can shelter. Contact your travel insurer to know if your insurance supports you in supplier failure issues or not.

If so, the insurer will be responsible for providing you with either an alternative flight booking or to refund you.


Book a Car Parking Service

Eventually, if you have to arrange it all on your own and book a new flight to get back home, choose a price comparison site to do so. It will let you choose the best service at minimum rates.

To lessen the fatigue, we suggest you book a car parking service from our price comparison website. Our suggestion is to use meet and greet airport parking. See how it is beneficial for you: Meet and Greet Airport Parking – A Blessing for Travelers.


How to Get My Money Back?

Contact your collapsed airline for a refund. Call them, send them an email, or do both; it is all up to their response. 

So, stay motivated and do not lose hope, and if you are planning a holiday trip, then keep it in mind to get in touch with an ATOL licensed travel organizer and an ATOL protected airline.


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