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Heathrow Airport is directly connected to Britain's motorway and so close to central London that often people prefer to drive and park their cars at the airport as for many this is the cheapest and the easiest way to get to the airport.

Heathrow airport is surrounded by 11 on-site parking lots that cater four terminals of the airport. Due to the large number of people who prefer travelling to the airport by car, there are independent parking lots just outside the premises. The car parkings are divided into different categories from which people can choose the most suited

Meet & Greet

It works as simply as it sounds. All you have to do is contact us, we provide you a fully insured chauffeur who takes over your vehicle at the airport and parks it for you. when you come back you can simply call car park and your car will be delivered back to the terminal for you.

Park & Ride

Not comfortable with the idea of handing your car keys to anyone else? WORRY NOT!! we have it all covered for you. with our park and ride service, you can park your own car and take the shuttle to the airport. Meanwhile, we ensure that your car it is safely guarded till you get back.

On Airport

we have some of our parking lots closer to the Airport Terminal so you can simply Park your car there and walk to the terminal, no tension of taking a shuttle, no worries about the distance because why go there when you can have it all here. Book in Advance to get the best Deals.


Directions To The Airport

From North

Drive to the M25 through the M40 from Birmingham and Midlands or M1/ A1 from North East. Head westbound for Heathrow and reach at Junction 5. Join the M4 and head for Heathrow Airport

From South

Take the A23 North for the M23 and London. Drive along the M23 until you reach the M25. Get onto the M25 heading for Heathrow

LHR airport is owned and operated by Heathrow Airport holdings. It is one of the six Airports that serve London. As this airport is the closest to city center it is the easiest to access. It is also connected to M4 and M25 besides having direct access through number of dedicated trains, busses, taxi services that go to Heathrow Airport from Central London, making it convenient for people to travel

The four terminals of the airport are also connected through free trains and shuttle services. Passengers are also transported on high speed battery powered pods from terminal 5 and business car park


On the south east of the hamlet of Heathrow in 1929 this site was built as Great West Aerodrome. This site was basically the host of military aircrafts that had to fly long distance to Far East but before this could become operational the world war II came to an end. The government instead of abandoning the project decided to expand the area and convert it into a commercial airport which began its public operations in the year 1946.LHR is still rapidly expanding and undergoing many changes which include development of high speed transport links and new runways.

History of the airport

In the 1930 London Gatwick began its flight operations as an aerodrome later in 1934 it started its first commercial flights. This site was also used by the night-fighters during the World War II by the order of Air ministry till the war was over. In the year 1950 London Gatwick was named London’s second Airport since then it has gone through many development phases. This airport also holds the position as the first airport to be served directly through Train which started operation in 1958. In 1970 Gatwick airport hosted the first Long haul flight to the east cot of USA and thus began the new era of international travel from the Airport

Airport facilities

There are around 207,000 passengers that pass through the airport everyday and to keep them entertained and comfortable Heathrow airport has it all covered.

At LHR you can avail countless facilities ranging from luxurious hotels and spas and what not!! Let your shopping spree began at the airport while you wait for your jet to take off. What else is there on the airport? Here’s a glimpse

  • Bag wrapping
  • Baggage delivery and shipping
  • Business services
  • Car hire
  • Car valeting service
  • Cash machines
  • Concierge service
  • Chauffeur service
  • Currency exchange
  • Disabled access
  • Family facilities
  • Fast-track travel
  • Food and drink
  • Cafés
  • Fast food
  • Pre-prepared food
  • Restaurants
  • Information points
  • Free WiFi and Internet access
  • Group travel facilities
  • Transport facilities
  • Trolleys
  • Toilets and showers
  • VIP service
  • Inter-Terminal transport
  • Left baggage
  • Lost property
  • Lounges
  • Spa facilities
  • Meeting rooms
  • Parking facilities
  • Phone and laptop charging
  • Medical help and emergencies
  • Porters
  • Postal service
  • Prayer rooms and chapel
  • Shopping
  • High-street brands
  • Luxury goods
  • Convenience stores
  • Duty free
  • Smoking areas
  • Social care
  • Spectator areas and viewing platforms

Top things to do in Heathrow Airport

Elegantly Dine

London Heathrow hosts so many visitors from around the globe that it offers variety of international cuisines. It is a home to many popular restaurants and to make it more special there are exclusive restaurants that take care of the dietary preferences of the customers. Over all for a fine dine experience Heathrow airport has much to offer.

Take you favorite meal 30,000 feet

Don’t like your airlines menu? London heathrow airport offers a chance for its passengers to take their favorite meal along with them to the plane. The special packing offered by the restaurants for take away ensures that your meal remains fresh till the last bite. Now you can make your fellow passengers long for the amazing food too.

Shopper service

You want to save time and shop the max? Don’t worry London Heathrow airport offers you a chance to get a complimentary personal shopper service. You can avail this facility by appointment only. They also offer multilingual experts to help you in your native language.

Start your journey shining

Heathrow airport offers facility to get your shoes shining like a star. You can get your shoes polished and shining from professional shoe shiners and not just that, you can get your shoes, belts and bags repaired. Incredible isn’t it?

Your holiday starts here

Want to get in holiday spirit before you even start your holiday? On Heathrow airport you have the opportunity to get special message for relaxation, meni-pedi and spa lounges to help kick in your holiday spirit. And if you want to take a shower? Don’t worry Heathrow airport has shower facilities and provide booths, after pampering you can get complimentary food as well.

Live entertainment

The airport is a hub for so many cultures, every day the people get to experience live music, a show, food tasting events and much more. Is there any better way to start your journey?


Types Of Airport Parking We Offer

Park & Ride

Park & Ride

Affordable and convenient, park your car at an on-site parking place and keep your car' keys in your possession. We offer 100% vetted car parks to make sure the safety & security of your car while you are away. Once parked, take a shuttle bus to the airport terminal.

Meet and Greet

Meet & Greet

Easiest and Hassle free way of parking at any airport. Drive straight to the airport terminal, where you will be greeted by a fully insured chauffeur who will park your car in a nearby compound. Simply call the car park upon your arrival and your car will be delivered to the terminal.

On Airport

On Airport

A convenient way to start your trip. Most car parks are just a walking distance away from an airport terminal. Although, some long stay options require a shuttle bus transfer towards your terminal. Book in advance to get great deals, because why go there when you have everything here!