Compare Stansted Park and Ride


If you are looking for comfort and convenience but don't want to spend extra on parking, Stansted Park Ride Service is the perfect choice for you. Thanks to a balanced price-performance ratio and uncomplicated parking at the airport, you can't go wrong with the park and ride Stansted airport service.

Leaving the park and driving to Stansted Airport of your choice is not as easy as bus transfer between the parking lot and the airport terminal for fast and regular service. Different parking garages have slightly different times of transfer bus service. Stansted Park and ride near the airport only minutes away. It gives you enough time to check-in and catches your flight.

Park and ride at Stansted airport:

Park and Ride at Stansted Airport is the most inexpensive choice for you. You go to the assigned parking lot of your choice and park your car and give your key to the staff member or you can have it depends on the parking services provider. When done, go to the most proximal bus stop and wait for the shuttle bus to get to the airport terminal. Depending on the parking space you choose, park and ride near Stansted Airport. You will arrive at the terminal in a few minutes!

Why Park and ride at Stansted?

We believe that the park and ride at Stansted Airport are a super-easy way to ensure your holiday starts smoothly. Here are our main reasons why we think you will be satisfied with the ride at Stansted Airport.

Direct parking: Park your car in one of the available compartments or park your vehicle in Arrival Bay and give your key to the staff. 

Direct transfer to the terminal: Shuttle bus transfer included in the price for each park and ride at Stansted.  Depending on the location of the service you choose, it may take 15 minutes to reach the terminal. Go to the next bus stop and enter!

Efficient parking: Our services are usually the cheapest parking options at Stansted. So, if you don't mind taking a few minutes on the bus, you can easily save money.

Secure park and ride Stansted:

Safety is a top priority for Park & ​​Ride Stansted. All the parking areas are secure with the Park Mark Award. The Park Mark Award is supported by a police initiative that rewards parking with high-quality vehicles and customer safety systems. These security measures included 24-hour staffing, controlled entry, and exit barriers, security fencing, 24-hour patrols, video surveillance, and lighting. You can be sure that your car is safe and you can enjoy traveling safely.